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About us

Natural suncare with a heart on the lake.

Our mindset

There are two elements that bright up our day and somehow, bring us back to where we belong: The sea & the sun.


Enjoying sunlight should always be safe and mindful to our skin; but in order to protect it from harmful ultraviolet rays, we don’t have to use chemical-based formulations which pollute our watercourses, causing so irreparable disasters on marine wildlife. 

In order to unite a fresh shield for your face & body, along with a promise to help restore the crystal exuberance of our oceans, seas, rivers and lakes, we’ve decided it’s time for Sea You Sun to rise up.


Sea You Sun team

Our passion for oceans, seas & lakes

We are thoughtful about the ocean’s wonders, its infinite species, and how important it is to preserve them; so more than just being observers, it’s on us to act and be a light of change.


By using organically-sourced ingredients, along with eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, we are committed to truly benefit people’s health and the aquatic life’s state, as our sun goods are meant to greatly reduce the environmental impact made on it, contributing so to their magnificent renewal.


Our hearts are set in the pure waters, and it’s no surprise why: Sea You Sun headquarters are based in Morges, Switzerland; a city bordered by the sparkling Leman Lake.

Leman lake

Our purpose

With clean, toxic-free suncare, which is light-based & kind to every skin, we’re handing back some of what the water gives us. 

 At Sea You Sun, every product is naturally made with attention to detail, and it’s in our sights to give you a complete sun protection & after-sun treatment for your face, body and hair; without leaving behind earth awareness, which is the main pillar.


Our purpose is to cause a positive impact, and support environmental associations to improve sea-life, besides sharing knowledge about sun rays’ effects and consequences on our skin; that way, we trust we’re giving the best of us, so you can move freely in the sun while caring for yourself and "the big blue".


Pure lake in Switzerland


The Sea You Sun team wishes you a sunny day

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