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Why it is important to apply sunscreen all year round?

You should wear sunscreen all year round because of the following reasons.

1. Prevent skin cancer

“Whether plans for outdoor activities are made or not, sunscreen should still be applied daily.” Skin cancer risks are increased when the skin is exposed too much to the sun. Fortunately, skin cancer can be prevented if you protect the skin against harmful rays of the sun.  

“Apply the sunscreen daily because you will get sun exposure on beach or pool as well as during walking and driving a car.”

Small exposure to sun rays can lead to more harm. As seen in Cancer Research UK, minor but intense exposure to the sun causes more damage to melanoma. 


2. Cloudy Days Are also Dangerous

Clouds do not protect against the sun.

UV rays also make contact with the ground despite having a rainy and cold day. A few clouds may act to block some rays, but some actually reflect the rays resulting in intense rays causing sunburn. 

Care should also be taken in the mountains even if no sun is visible to you. UV rays are easily reflected by snowmaking them stronger. Also, UV rays are thought to reach the ground more intensely at higher elevations. So, sunscreen should be applied and re-applied rigorously even if you are wrapped in a parka.  


3. Windows won’t prevent sun radiations

Imagine being in a car listening to the solo career of Jordan Knight with the sun cascading through the window. The sun is providing you with an intense amount of UV rays, even though you may think that the tinted window is enough to keep you safe from harm. 

“UVA rays can pass through the windows.”

What is the mechanism? The sun emits harmful radiations such as UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays can enter the skin deeply, while UVB rays can cause sunburn. Even though burns are not formed, they are still quite harmful. 


4. Protect Your Skin All Year Round

It is important to use sun block in winter, spring and autumn when people are out and about in the sun longer.

Skin damage is usually caused by the spring sun; even though it is not visible or intense, the ultraviolet rays are still stronger in winter. Sun causes damage within 15 minutes of exposure, and people with vitiligo or melasma are more prone to damage. 

Sunscreen should always be used before stepping out, whatever time of year it is.

Skin tingling is induced in people with these skin conditions, but the perfect sun block helps in avoiding it. 


5. Take Years off Your Skin and Prevent Aging

“Prevent aging signs by applying sunscreen.”

Elastin and collagen production, helpful in keeping the skin young and healthy, is greatly reduced due to sun rays which increases the process of aging in people. Two issues are resolved with using sunscreen.

First, it helps protect against the sun’s harmful rays, and second, it keeps the skin hydrated. Various studies show that daily use of sunscreen helps in keeping the skin young and healthy while also slowing down the process of aging. 

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