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Which SPF should you choose according to your skin type?

A variety of sunscreens are present with different compounds contained within them. Skincare routines should definitely contain sunscreen, too, and products should be avoided that do not suit your skin and result in more damage to the skin.

Your sunscreen should suit your skin type, and the effort won’t go to waste. 

1. Normal skin

When a person possesses good skin which is uncomplicated, then the selection comes easy. Quality sunscreens, whether in cream, spray or stick form, can help you.

In the case of fair skin, do look at the SPF very closely in order to be careful.

2. Dry skin

Do you sometimes feel your skin is dry, itchy or peeling at places? Sunscreens are also used to moisturize the skin besides avoiding extra dryness of the skin too.

After using the daily moisturizer, sun protection cream can also be used. Those sunscreens can be used that consist of hydrating ingredients, like glycerine or hyaluronic acid.

For sunscreens containing natural ingredients, you can look for those that contain honey or aloe vera.

3. Oily skin

People possessing oily skin can feel creamy sunscreens to be heavy and quite sticky. However, water-based sunscreens are very good, and even markets label their products as ‘ultra-light too.

To protect the skin against extra production of oil, use a product that contains tea tree oil or niacinamide. 

4. Sensitive skin

Better use physical sunscreen for the skin if your skin reacts to different skincare products. Sunscreen usually works as a protectant for the skin on the outermost layer against UV rays by preventing absorption.

5. Skin with acne

For individuals with acne, it is better to use sunscreen that works well with sensitive skin, like mineral sunscreen, using titanium dioxide or zinc oxide having active, protective components. Use products that are water-based and light for oily skin types, so your pores are without clogged pores that are able to breathe. 

Why to choose sunscreen according to your skin type?

Find the perfect sunscreen for your skin type may take some time and may allow some trial and error process.

Different skin requires different demands; the skin’s oil can be reduced by using sunscreen, which adds much-required moisture.

Sunscreen not only benefits the skin against wrinkles, spots or cancers but also makes your skin look healthier and smooth. 

How to apply sunscreen properly?

  • After determining the best sunscreen for your skin type, start using it immediately for protection.
  • Sunscreen should be worn almost every day and should be applied after every two hours. F
  • DA suggests the proper use of sunscreen by applying it 30 minutes before stepping outside and applying enough that your face and body is covered enough.
  • An ounce (a shot glass amount) is required to fully cover the body from head to toe. FDA also points out that some areas may be left even after careful application, but still lips, hands, ears, back of neck, nose, tops of feet, and along hairline too sunscreen should be applied carefully. Always keep an extra bottle of sunscreen with you so it can be applied whenever it is suitable or otherwise necessary. 

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