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Are sun's rays more agressive at the beach or on the mountain?

Are the sun's rays more aggressive at the beach or on the mountain? So where would you get a more severe sunburn, beach or mountain? Let's find out. Do you even need to wear sunscreen at the place where it's less severe?   The answer is YES! You need to wear...

What is the perfect sun care routine?

Sunscreen is one of the best, safest and easiest ways to protect the appearance of your skin from harmful sun radiations and keep your skin youthful and healthy. A perfect sun care routine will prevent skin cancer, sunburn, sun tanning, and also premature aging. According to dermatologists, you should make...

Why it is important to apply sunscreen all year round?

You should wear sunscreen all year round because of the following reasons. 1. Prevent skin cancer “Whether plans for outdoor activities are made or not, sunscreen should still be applied daily.” Skin cancer risks are increased when the skin is exposed too much to the sun. Fortunately, skin cancer can...

Which SPF should you choose according to your skin type?

A variety of sunscreens are present with different compounds contained within them. Skincare routines should definitely contain sunscreen, too, and products should be avoided that do not suit your skin and result in more damage to the skin. Your sunscreen should suit your skin type, and the effort won’t go...

How using natural sunscreens can help preserve reefs and marine ecosystems?

Everyone knows that protecting the environment is a good idea, and everyone wants to do their part to better the planet. Actions like recycling, being mindful of energy use, and using reusable water bottles are all great ways to reduce your environmental impact. However, a key to environmental protection may...

Why is natural sunscreen better for your health and skin balance?

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